When things taste like what they are!


Daily baked homemade breadmade with organic flour micro-filtered water and grey see salt will be served with your meal along




Fresh raw anchovies, lemon vinaigrette, mesclun  9,50€

 Caramelized foie gras from Gers on toast, Pickles and Parmesan 16,00 €

Oven cooked oysters with chorizo and parsley butter, Cider and saffron espuma  12,00€

Zucchini and fresh sheep cheeses mousse, Basil and fresh mint, speck chips  12,00€

64°egg, homemade tarama, Poutargue  Trout roe, toasted parmesan and homemade basil oil  14,00€

Brie filled with Cep mushrooms  9,50 €

Slowcocked Mediterranean cuttlefish tentacles Carpaccio of heritage tomatoes 12,00€

Selection of refined cheeses, Served with homemade bread  14,00 €

Thinly sliced charcuterie board, Served with homemade bread  14,00



Baked Camembert, Hazelnuts, Calvados and honey  19,00€

Tartiflette, with green mesclun from the hills of Nice (potatoes, lardons, onions, cream, reblochon cheese)  18,00€

(NEW)Baked “Cupidon” sheep’s cheese, Served with seasonal vegetebles and salad  19,50 €

Panfried Cod, polenta espuma, fresh anchovy salsa, Fried capers and purple basil flowers  23,00€

Roasted Pérail wrapped in Speck  17,00€

 Zucchini risotto made with Acquerello rice  19,00 €

 Fondue of 16 month old Comté and Morbier cheeses (Min. 2 pers.)  19,00 €/pers.

Fondue of Saint Felicien cheese, Served with seasonal vegetebles  19,50 €

Unlimited buffet of cheeses  26,00€/pers



Lemon tart with a homemade speculoos  8,00€

 Chocolate eclair with caramel sauce  8,50 €

Costadoro coffee crème brûlée 7,50

Marinated local peaches, verbena jelly and almond biscuit 8,50€

Selection of refined cheeses  12,00 €

Coffee Lab costadoro  2,50 €

Café Latte  4,50€

Infusion of herbal tea 4,50 €

(Lime leaf –– Rosemary – Minte – citrus verbena)